Emergist-/’enərjist/-noun-a person who tries to see everything through an energy hierarchy. Like the carpenter who only had a hammer so everything looked like a nail, the emergist saw a world ruled by energy hierarchies.     

Disclaimer: I have in no way academically studied systems engineering. I am perhaps the most dangerous of thinkers, just some guy who has read the book Environment, Power, and Society for the Twenty First Century. This blog is meant to explore how I see the world through the macroscope. I will often be ridiculously off-base and wrong, so feel free to correct me.

My name is Brian. I gave up on the Industrial Dream shortly after learning about near term Peak Oil, which is the concept that we are going to run into a maximum amount of oil that can be produced in year and then decline shortly after this “peak.”  This will look much like driving from one side of a mountain to the other.

I read Limits to Growth released by the Club of Rome and was dumbfounded as to why we didn’t/can’t/won’t use our resources more wisely.  Then I ran into emergy and got some peace of mind through understanding information and technology (read first post). Emergy is a concept of accounting for energy developed by HT Odum.  Emergy takes into account things like the total amount of energy that went into making an object or idea, the flow of energy through the object or idea, and where it fits into a hierarchy of other things or information.


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