Two Toddlers Corner the Emergist onto a Soap Box

Key Questions:

-How is it that two toddlers prevent a 30 something stay at home dad from blogging twice a month?

-Can the Emergist really spin this topic into being about emergy and transformity?

-If he is successful, does this qualify as a sickness? (not to be answered on this blog, though you may already be rightfully biased)

The Emergist Attacked by Two Toddlers

This blog has gone quiet for sometime, not that I haven’t had anymore topics to blog about, but because my oldest toddler has learned to turn off the computer. I actually have two posts fully thought out and half written. Further complicating the process is that the older one grabs the tip of my nose whenever he wants my attention, which is all the time, while his sister sneak attacks by smearing saliva on the screen with her hands. This all significantly ups the ante to write anything.

Now this all seems like an emergetic impossibility. There has easily been spent a hundred more times money (a possible proxy for energy) spent on my life than both of their lives combined (Fig 1 or pg 285 EPS). That means that I should have a way higher transformity. Transformity is a measure of all the organizing energy that has been invested into a person or thing. Odum says that as transformity goes up then both my influence and territory should go up. How is he so wrong?Transformity of individuals

The Emergist Forced onto a Soap Box

After thinking about it for a while, it hit me. The thing that must be controlling my behavior, besides my lovely wife (who has a higher transformity due to wedding costs), is hidden somewhere in my genetic structure. My genetic and cultural program to be a great adequate parent is greater than either my own transformity or that of the internet (Fig 2).scan0002

One approach the chairman of the Emergist blog considered is for someone to create a technology of such great transformity that it rivals the vast transformity of my genetic and cultural programming. With parenting out of the way, I can keep cranking out blog posts and neglect my children in an electronic societal approved wonderland with only a ting of dissatisfaction. The people most apt to accomplish this goal are the same people who believe it is possible to create an information system or technology for our current civilization to act in their definition of a “wise manner.” A second counter measure to these children is to have a few doomers or realists tell me how foolish and stupid humans are so I don’t really feel compelled that parenting is worth it.

It is important to remember, however, that humans have been here before. Each of our genomes and cultural heritages have been subjected to pulses, whether it be as individual lives, tribes, villages, cities, and/or civilizations, countless times. Our genetic material has witnessed millions if not trillions of pulses since life sprang forth and yet all life still pulses. Odum in EPS even has to spend time explaining away how certain systems seem to maintain a steady state.  It is possible that we might create an information system or technology that out performs the self organized interatively tested over three billion year old system that is life, but* I find it highly improbable. Though I can guarantee you that when this civilization turns to a more cooperative and conservation minded mode of doing things, the techno crowd, doomers, realists, and even some students of Emergy will say, “Look what we did. Glad everyone listed.” I think we, the emergists, doomers, realists, resilience-istas, and environmental types, might be part of the leading edge of something programmed into humanity to deal with pulsing. It seems like at even small turning points great ideas spring forth, whether it be J. Russell Smith’s Tree Crops from the worn out Appalachian foothills or Earth Day, back to the land movement, and Permaculture out of the late 60s and early 70s oil crisis. We would be remiss if we did not realize, that maybe this pulsing thing isn’t all a gigantic evolutionary mistake and a completely bad thing. Though painful, pulsing is probably the best way to utilize a finite resource. That is not to say we couldn’t do without some of the consumerism and waste, but what would the costs be to protect from all these short circuits.  

Individual Action:

-Ignore those saying individual actions don’t matter.

-Ignore those saying only individual actions matter.

*Note: The definition of the word but to the Emergist and unfortunately Dr. Phil of Oprah fame means-throwout everything I just said before this that is counter factual to what I am going to say.

3 thoughts on “Two Toddlers Corner the Emergist onto a Soap Box

    • I would be honored. I haven’t been sleeping well thinking about the future and our response, so I wrote it at three in the morning. I explained to my wife what I had been thinking and she replied, “your brain is just pulsing to maximize processing so you don’t have to wake and restart your thought process.” This Emergy stuff is looking to be infectious.

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